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January 14, 2011

The new 531 area code will bring changes that some of us haven't seen in 40 years. That's probably when you started dialing 7 digits for local phone calls. For example, 254-3901.

Starting on February 26th, you'll be required to dial 10-digits, meaning that you must always dial the area code first before the remaining 7-digits as you're probably used to.

You can already dial 10-digits right now, so it'd be good to get into the habit. After February 26th, any local call dialed with 7-digits will get an announcement to "hang up and try your call again".

The new 531 area code will serve the same area as the 402 area code now serves. So we'll have TWO area codes in eastern Nebraska.

Go to our Archives page for our January 2011 eNewsletter where this is explained more...

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