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Available Calling Features

Personalize your phone service by adding Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Automatic Callback, or any of our other Calling Features that can simplify your life.

Click here to see our complete list of calling features available in a bundle or on a separate basis.

Try our new Voice Mail System -- simple, convenient, reliable, & flexible!

When you have Voice Mail from Hartelco, you simply dial *99 from your home phone and begin listening to your messages! No phone numbers or security codes to remember. Simple!

With Voice Mail, you can easily be notified of waiting messages by having our system automatically send a message-waiting alert to your pager or cellphone! Convenient!

With Voice Mail, there's no answering machine tapes or electrical outages to worry about, and callers can leave messages even while your phone line is busy! Reliable!

With Voice Mail, you can have your Voice Mail messages automatically forwarded to your email address and listen to them right on your PC! So now you can get your voice mail messages not only from any phone location, but also from any PC with an Internet connection! Flexible!

Download our Voicemail User Guide here.

Call us for more details at 254-3901 and to get FREE installation and your first month of Voice Mail FREE! Economical!

Distinctive Ringing is a custom-calling feature that can stop the second-guessing around your household. Two different phone numbers can be assigned to your home telephone line. Use one phone number for the adults and a separate phone number with a “distinctive ring” for a home business, or for your children, or even for a fax machine! You can then answer the phone differently for different callers. If you already have Call Waiting, you will also hear a distinctive tone for incoming calls while you’re on the phone. So be sure to ask about Distinctive Ringing, and leave the guesswork to us!


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