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Long Distance

Hartington Long Distance provides our customers with competitive long distance rates to anywhere in the world, along with friendly, local service with a smile. Choose Hartington Long Distance for all your long distance needs and speak with a customer service representative – not like the big long distance carriers where it’s a battle just to speak with a “live” person. Toll-free 800 Numbers are also available to keep family and friends in touch wherever they go. So be sure to ask about Hartington Long Distance rates today, and receive the best value in long distance services from the people in your community that you know and trust!

Hartington Long Distance Rates

Bundled Long Distance: Signup for a bundle of services and 100 long distance minutes are included in the bundle. Any additional long distance minutes are only 8 cents per minute -- the lowest long distance price we offer! Qualifying long distance calls are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anywhere in the continental United States. Calls to Alaska and Hawaii are 20 cents/minute. Click here for information on bundled services.

Flat Rate Plan: 12 cents/minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anywhere in the continental United States. Calls to Alaska and Hawaii are 20 cents/minute.

Dime of Time Plan: 100 minutes of calls anywhere within the continental United States for $10.00/month which is only 10 cents per minute! Any calls after that initial 100 minutes remain at the same 10 cents per minute!

Toll Free Service: A great plan for keeping in touch! A customer purchases a private 800 number for friends and family to be able to call. The charge is $3.00/month for the service and 12 cents/minute for each incoming call made to that 800#. Especially great if you have loved ones on the road who don't want to use high priced calling cards.

International Rates: Click here for International calling rates. (Adobe Reader required - click here to download Adobe Reader.)

Hartington Long Distance Service Terms and Conditions: Hartington Long Distance Company, hereinafter referred to as the Company, presents herein the contractual terms and conditions of its service agreement with its customers.


Direct Dial Service: 1+ outbound long distance service; minimum call duration is one minute; after the initial period, billing is in sixty (60) second increments. International rates are available upon request during regular office hours. 1+ domestic rates and plan descriptions are as follows:

Flat Rate Plan: provides the customer with 1+ outbound long distance service to locations in continental United States for a charge of 12 cents per minute. 1+ outbound long distance service to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and to Guam is available for a 20 cent per minute charge.

Dime of Time Plan: provides the customer with 1+ outbound long distance service. For a monthly charge of $10.00 per month, the customer receives 100 minutes of 1+ outbound long distance service to locations in the continental United States. If the customer exceeds 100 minutes of usage, additional minutes are charged at a rate of 10 cents per minute.

Directory Assistance Services: provides published and non-listed telephone numbers to requesting customers. A charge of $1.00 is applied for each directory assistance request.

Toll Free Service: the custom switched telecommunications service that permits toll free inward 8XX number calling to the subscribing customer's station. A charge of 12 cents per minute and a $3.00 recurring monthly charge is required for this service.

Undertaking of the Company: The company will provide access to Operator Services, as well as, provide Directory Assistance, Direct Dial Service, and Toll Free Service (8XX) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Use of Service: Neither customers nor their authorized users may use the services furnished by the Company for any unlawful purpose.

Credit and Deposit Requirements: The Company shall determine the credit standing of an applicant for service using standard credit checking methods and by referring to information about the applicant's prior telephone bill paying habits if the applicant has had service before or by referring toll charges reasonably traced to the applicant but placed from the telephone of another if the applicant has not had service before. The Company may request that the customer make a cash deposit if the customer's credit history indicates that he/she is a credit risk. The Company may also request a deposit from those customers with unknown credit.

The amount of deposit required shall be at the Company's discretion. An increase in the deposit amount may be required if increased usage or the customer's payment record warrants it. The initial deposit shall be received in the Business office before service will be established for the customer.

In the case of residential service, the deposit and accrued interest shall be refunded upon request of the customer after twelve (12) consecutive months of payment by the bill due date and refunded automatically after twenty-four months of consecutive payments by the bill due date. In the case of business service, the deposit shall be refunded after thirty-six (36) consecutive months of payment by the bill due date. Deposits may be refunded sooner at the Company's option. The Company shall pay simple interest of 4% on a deposit, subject to the state law where service is received. Interest shall accrue following acceptance of the deposit, except that no interest need be paid on deposits held less than thirty (30) days.


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